2nd AustralAsian WorldTurboJugendDays: Day 2. The Balls, Drop B Sharps (Dr. Colossus), Wolfpack, Garlic Nun, The Dirty F Holes (QLD). The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne. 06-03-2020.


Words Mark Ireland.
Photos 3 Chord Images.

Turbonegro have some of the most loyal fans in the world. They have their own gang called Turbojugend, with chapters all over the world. Over four days in Melbourne, three venues celebrated all things Turbo. It started at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar on Thursday night, the party continued at The Bendigo Hotel Friday night, and will finish at The Spotted Mallard. That’s a lot of love for Turbo!

Friday night’s gig at The Bendigo had five killer bands playing dirty punk and metal. Coming down from Brisbane, The Dirty F Holes, slayed the crowd. What made them stand out was the skronking horn player. Lead singer Chucky jumped off the stage into the crowd like a possessed preacher in the pulpit. This was a good indication on what was to come.

Garlic Nun are one of the most hilarious and weirdest bands I have seen in awhile. They sing songs about anal sex, and have sex toys on stage. In other words, they fit right in on a Turbo celebration gig! The lead singer wears nothing but a pair of jocks, and about halfway through the set he got a giant inflatable pineapple and jumped off stage with it, trying to use it as a boogie board through the crowd. Definitely one of the most memorable sets I’ve seen in ages.

I love Wolfpack. They are raucous, political, passionate and full of piss and vinegar. They break through their set at light speed, with some of the best ’80s riffs this side of Kirk Hammett. They tear through a killer version of Turbo’s ‘City of Satan’ from the album Party Animals. They end the set with the classic Judas Priest song ‘Breaking The Law’.

The Drop B Sharps are really Dr. Colossus in disguise, and the name is yet again another subtle Simpsons in joke. The Simpsons themed band usually wear Stonecutter robes (another Simpsons reference) on stage, tonight they change it up and wear Barbershop quartet outfits (even though there are only 3 members). They pounded about stage singing songs about Shelbyville and Ogdenvile, and they make one hell of a glorious racket. They punch the crowd hard with another Turbo cover of ‘The Age of Pamparius’.

Ending tonight’s gig was The Balls. As the name indicates they are one hell of a ballsy band. With their sludge-heavy bass riffs they tear apart the crowds DNA one cell at a time, including a destroying cover of Turbos ‘I Got Erection’. At the end of the sludge heavy set, they do a super mud-filled version of Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’, with the crowd going bat shit crazy for it.

This was only night two of the Turbo celebration, if you’re in Melbourne over the long weekend get along and join the Turbojugend crew for some debauched rock’n’roll and death punk.


Matt Gleeson / 3 Chord Images is the official photographer for the 2nd AustralAsian WorldTurboJugendDays.

This event features 27 bands across 4 venues and 4 days and is the 2nd global meeting of the Turbojugend in Australia. It is a celebration of all things Turbo: the friendships, the music, the party.

3 Chord Images is now super excited to announce that a selection of the photos captured during the 4 days will be published as a book available for purchase online, exclusively through 3 Chord Images.

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