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SNUB might be new to the local scene, but if their debut single is anything to go by, they won’t be entering the fold quietly.”

Trouble Juice

With their music being described as a “celebration of noise that wears its love for punk and grunge on its sleeve”, Snub have hit the ground running and are just getting started.

“Having formed in 2020 during the uncertainty of the pandemic, we found out that music really does soothe the soul.”

With their mutual love for fuzzy guitars and riding waves of feedback, the band is bringing a fresh take to the music they grew up on.

“With the level of confidence they’ve displayed, they’ve made it abundantly clear that the best is yet to come. Jump onto the Snub hype train now or miss the bragging rights that come with knowing them before they got big. The choice is yours.”

Hysteria Mag

Their debut album is currently being pressed and will be out through Desert Highways very soon!


Lisa Bell – Vocals / Guitar.
Chris Howe – Guitar / Vocals.
Amanda Gregory – Bass.
Jemima Pitcher – Drums.


Buzzkiller (Single / clip – 4 March 2022)
The Virus (Single / clip – 22 April 2022)
Red Moon (Single / clip – 15 July 2022)
Diggin Up Bones (Single – 3 November 2022)
Don’t Hang Up (Single – 10 January 2024 / Clip 24 January 2024)
Blowflies (Single – 7 February 2024 / Clip – 21 February 2024)
Melting Man (Single – 20 March 2024)

Stream the NEW SINGLE ‘Melting Man’  through Bandcamp

Stream ‘Blowflies’ through Bandcamp

Stream ‘Don’t Hang Up’ through Bandcamp


Watch ‘Blowflies’ Clip.

Watch ‘Don’t Hang Up’ Clip.

Watch ‘Buzzkiller’ Clip.

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