MONDO GENERATOR ‘Shooters Bible’ LP Review.


Words El Jefe.

Mondo Generator is the side project founded by Nick Oliveri, the notorious bassist from Kyuss, The Dwarves etc. The moniker was taken from a tune Oliveri had written during his Kyuss days, and really kinda suits the style of the music.

The band has had a sporadic existence over its’ 23 year life, with Oliveri being the only constant member, and an impressive list of former members. They play a sorta stoner-punk’n’roll kind of thing, if you hadn’t already heard. Shooters Bible doesn’t stray much from the trail blazed by earlier MG releases either.

What we have here, is an album fulla chunky riffs, rolling, liquid basslines, grittier than thou guitars and a collection of tunes, some whacked out, some just pure-bred mongrel dirty cock-rock but one and all ooze sleaze. All of this is capped off by Oliveri’s howling vocal, which is one part quasi-rockabilly yelp and one part maniacal roar. I think it’s fair to say, also, that the vox could either be a selling point or a deal breaker with MG records, and all despite Nicky’s reputed nurturing of the said vocal cords with a regimen of early nights, clean living and warm honey to preserve and prolong his unique style.

‘Dead Silence’ and ‘Invisible Like The Sky’ are some solid tunes, laying a hefty slab for the rest of the album to roll along. Mondo Generator don’t allow much respite over the 45 minutes or so of Shooters Bible, but do give a slight nod to their origins with a cover of Ig’s ‘Dog Food’ (featuring Dave Grohl on drums).

On the whole, Shooters Bible is as a dirgy and anarchic sounding album, with some cool songs and a large dose of Fuck You in its stance and not a bad way to pass some time.

Mondo Generator’s Shooters Bible is OUT NOW through Heavy Psych Sounds HERE.

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