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Sludgy, heavy, hooky, Nuada is a new four-piece comprised of Melbourne rock veterans (and one new guy, but he’s sick, so it’s fine). Think a cross between Kyuss and Alice in Chains, just with a wandering attention span and a few more unpleasant noises.

The inimitable vocals of Matt ‘Chappy’ Chapman (My Left Boot) wail over the sludgy, spacey riffs of David Milner (Citizen), low-end bass backbone of Alex Brooks (Citizen), and proggy tech grooves of drumming wunderkind Daniel Morassutti.

In previous bands, members have shared the stage with Nick Oliveri (US), Earthless (US), Red Fang (US), The Shrine (US), Beastwars (NZ), HITS, Clowns, Seedy Jeezus, Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, King Of The North, Batpiss, Sheriff, Dr Colossus, Horsehunter, Sun God Replica, El Colosso, Redcoats and more.

Nuada may be new, but things are happening quickly. Already they’ve played the inaugural Holy Smoke Festival (presented by Desert Highways) with Buried Feather, Aver, Zong, Turtle Skull and more, supported Child at Cherry Bar, Psych Lords Festival with 1000 Mods (Greece), Child, Devil Electric, Whoopie Cat, Smoke Witch, Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows and Pseudo Mind Hive. Nuada are keeping very good company already.

Their first video clip and single, ‘Kraken’, taken from their debut album, Beneath The Swamp (out through Desert Highways) is out now.


Matt ‘Chappy’ Chapman – Vocals.
David Milner – Guitar, Vocals.
Alex Brooks – Bass.
Daniel Morassutti – Drums.


‘Kraken’ (Single / clip – 2019)
Beneath The Swamp (LP – 2019)

Stream Beneath The Swamp LP through Bandcamp

Watch ‘Kraken’ Clip. Premiered March 3 2019.

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