Punks Against Poverty #4: Xmas Edition! Blindspot, Benny Mayhem (with band), Joanie Get Angry, Grant Larseny (acoustic), Incomplete, Triggered. The Boston, Perth. 08-12-2017.


Words, Photos and Video, Kim Anderson – Shoot The Wicked Witch.

For the 4th Punks Against Poverty show I wanted to do something special and made it a Christmas show. I actually hate Christmas but I figure homeless people probably hate it more than me so why not try to put a happy spin on a shitty situation that’s still happening in the world.

I enlisted some of Perth’s coolest kids to pretend not to be Grinchier than me and sing Christmas songs, there was some resistance but they did it and nobody died. Grant Larseny took this one step further by actually writing a song for it! It’s a great song about Christmas in Australia and I think we can all identify with it on some level. It’s available for download on Bandcamp so definitely check it out!

New band Triggered covered Tim Minchin’s ‘White Wine In The Sun’, Incomplete covered Kevin Bloody Wilson, Joanie Get Angry sang ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman’ and I’m gutted I missed it I really wanted to see what they did with a Disney song, Blindspot sang about 8 White Boomers and lastly Benny Mayhem sang The Pogues ‘Fairytale Of New York’. I had a playlist of random Christmas songs to play inbetween and despite not hearing half of the songs (it didn’t get paused while the bands played) The Wiggles ‘Felice Navidad’ played and I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Yes I played The Wiggles at a punk show.

This show also included awesome support from artists and businesses. It was really important to me to include small businesses into this show. So I want to take this opportunity to thank Owen Vaughn Williams who is a local tattoo artist and singer of Hope Street for designing the Punks Against Poverty Christmas shirt and Hammer Ink Merch for printing them up for me. Also big thanks to Frost That Cupcake, Deluxe Creations, Dregsurf Photography and Klowe Photography for donating raffle prizes.

All up on the night we raised around $700 not including shirt sales. I conned a model friend to come down and sell raffle tickets for me and she had most of them sold in minutes. One guy gave her $50 and didn’t want change! Our lovely door girl even hit people up for spare change as they came through the door and raised $47 there. We didn’t have a very big crowd that night but the charity in the room was HUGE!

There’s still a few of these limited edition t-shirts left in sizes Small and Large! Only $15 + postage. If you’re interested please message the Shoot The Wicked Witch Facebook page HERE.

Grant Larseny – Christmas In The Summer In The Suburbs

Video Montage