FUZZ EVIL / SWITCHBLADE JESUS Split – ‘The Second Coming Of Heavy; Chapter VII’.


Words El Jefe

Switchblade Jesus are a heavy-duty bunch of motherfuckers hailing from Texas. Their ST debut has had plenty of airplay in the El Jefe homestead. Mrs El Jefe also particularly dig’s their catchy, dirty stoner rock!

Fuzz Evil are from nearby Arizona, and as the name applies, are a fuzzed-out band with a love of…fuzz. The Glitterbones 7 inch was a great intro to this mob too.

So FE and SJ have joined forces for The Second Coming Of Heavy; Chapter VII release, out now through Ripple Music, with each band contributing 3-4 songs each and all of scorched earth proportion.

Rather than fuck around with niceties, Switchblade Jesus instead chose to launch a vicious punch to the side of the head with ‘Snakes And Lions’. A growling menace of a song, with a filthy wah-fest intro to one of their trademark riffs. Great drumming too!

The spoken word/country – gospel introduction to ‘Wet Lungs’ is a slick touch. This tune is a heavy-handed chugging number, but sticks in ya head too.

‘Heavy Is The Mountain’ is the last track from Switchblade Jesus, and a suitably heavy closer from them too.

The sound on these three songs is huge, powerful and punchy, and certainly does the band a great service.

Fuzz Evil kick off with ‘Better Off Alone’, a much more melodic style to their riff rock compared to the heavy grit of Switchblade Jesus. But never the less, they know their shit. This is the kinda stuff that should sell huge numbers but probably never will. You know the drill, the mainstream would rather eat McDonalds than seek out some killer Indian or Thai (or whatever ya poison) food so fuck ‘em, they deserve what they get! So some great bands remain cult faves, but slip through the cracks on the success they deserve! Rock and roll, hey motherfucker! It’s an age-old tale.

‘Graves And Cupid’ sees guitarist Wayne Rudell attempting to wear out his wah. Yet another catchy little riff-fest!

‘If You Know’ and ‘Flighty Woman’ wrap things up for the time being, both tunes being solid and cool. ‘Flighty Woman’ in particular churns up the tarmac for me.

So if you want some heavy with hooks riff-rock to get you through the dark days and nights, this wouldn’t be a bad spot to start. It gets a full 5 outta 5 beer rating from me!

The split is out now through Ripple Music HERE.