FIREBALL MINISTRY ‘Remember The Story’ Album Review.


Words El Jefe.

Fireball Ministry are back in town with their brand spankin’ new LP, Remember The Story tucked under their (collective) arms. It’s been several years between drinks too, and this is also the first album with Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Sun and Sail Club, The Obsessed)) holdin’ the low-end down for the group. His fluid bass runs certainly add to the stadium rock that FM are renowned for too.

‘End Of Our Truth’ slow-groove rock slithers and shakes through some catchy licks, and some nice guitar action too.

The production team got a bit a workout on ‘Everything You Wanted’ with some effects trickery tossed in during the breakdown.

Cowbell! Used to hate ‘em, but in recent years have developed a taste. Not a powerful lust, just a shot here and there can really get my juices flowing. ‘Back On Earth’ satisfies my needs, with the ‘bell playing a major roll, as does Reeder’s fat bass-boogie. This, IMO, would be the ideal “single” from Remember The Story, and is ably followed up with ‘The Answer’, which bounds along nicely.

‘Dying Win’ is one of the darker tunes on this release, with a distinct Sabbath feel, particularly the wah-drenched guitar riffage.

‘I Don’t Believe A Word’ closes out the record, and breaks away from the formula used when writing the rest of the tracks. Dynamic and with some neat use of acoustic guitars and kettle drums, it leaves a lasting impression.

Possibly a bit too laid-back and lacking a bit of gravel and grime for fans of heavy rock action (the vocals ARE a tad clean to really sink their teeth into my psyche) but never the less, it’s a cool record, the tunes are solid and their playing is too but may lack the urgency to make it a truly kick-arse LP.

Remember The Story is OUT NOW through Cleopatra Records and available now HERE.
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