COSMIC KAHUNA ‘Paintstripper’ Album Launch with Spacejunk, Ute Root, Hoon, Body Parts, Tankerville, Uncle Geezer . The Tote Hotel, Melbourne. 21-10-2017.


Words Mark Ireland.

Cosmic Kahuna have been slogging away on the Melbourne punk scene for a couple of years, released a few EP’s, played a stack of shows, supporting people like CJ Ramone, and will be supporting Foo Fighters on their upcoming tour.

Tonight was the launch of their debut album Paintstripper. The title is all in the telling, it’s an album of brutal as fuck hard core punk. As well as Cosmic Kahuna, the band also brought a heap of their mates along to celebrate the launch.

Uncle Geezer kicked off the shenanigans with a brutal set of hardcore thrash; nothing says punk rock like a lead singer jumping around the front bar in his purple jocks, while singing through a water bottle.

Tankerville were up next and flattened everything and everyone that got in their way. The action moved to the band room where Hoon flung the crowd into the wall; it was one hell of a chaotic mess. Ute Root continued on with the chaos and played hard and fast mangled rock n roll. Acid rockers Spacejunk drenched the crowd in a riff heavy set that deafened everyone that stepped inside the band room.

Body Parts were something special, lead singer Jade launched onto the stage and had the crowd in her palm from the get go, part Chrissy Amphlett, part Tina Turner, their brand of soul rock’n’roll had the crowd in a cold sweat all throughout their set.

By the time Cosmic Kahuna hit the stage The Tote was heaving, lead singer Tom ‘Doz’ Dozztoyevski, has got one hell of a wail. Cosmic Kahuna’s classic mix of old school skate punk with contemporary thrash brings the best of both worlds together.

They tore through their album at a breakneck speed and threw a few awesome covers in for good measures. Jade from Body Parts joined them up on stage to rip through a cracking version of AC/DC’s ‘Let There Be Rock’ with full angelic costumes. The crowd went absolutely berserk which made the band go harder! They finished off the set with a killer cover of The Powder Monkeys ‘The Supernova That Never Quits’.

Paintstripper is one of this years best, get along and check Cosmic Kahuna before they start playing massive arenas, oh wait they already are!