Child, River Of Snakes, Spacejunk. Cherry Bar, Melbourne. 27-09-2014.


Words Alexandra Ferrier
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia

Post AFL Grand Final madness on the weekend, Cherry Bar was a safe haven to head to Saturday night to escape anything footy related and check out some local talent.

Spacejunk kicked off the evening and those who rocked up early were treated with some tenacious energy and humour from bass player / vocalist Betty Righteous and guitarist Mark E Moon. Minus a set list, they encouraged the crowd to “purchase their album” and, after their set, I made it a mission to grab one. It was a fusion of fast paced punk rhythm and garage rock riff. The Cherry stage was no match for these rock and rollers, the small crowd were swept up in their energy and charm. Live, this band will enthral you and whatever day you may have had will fall by the wayside.

River Of Snakes followed and it felt like the ‘90s had made a triumphant return, complete with a Tumbleweed nod in the form of guitarist and vocalist Raul Sanchez’ shirt. Elissa Rose, bass, bared an uncanny resemblance to Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon. A defining figure that stood out amongst the feedback and distortion, her energy and presence on stage cemented with hard hitting rhythmic bass lines and incredible vocals. Drummer Ben Wrecker was a standout, living up to his sir name by hitting the skins with such ferocity that the kit endured some minor set up fixes mid set. Incredibly sexy, undeniably independent, River Of Snakes nailed it and left crowd goers speechless.

Being an avid follower of Child, there have been many occasions where I have seen them play gigs of many different levels. That night, there was an undeniable raw energy in their set. An existential connection brewed between guitarist Mathias Northway and bassist Jayden Ensor. Their enthusiasm encouraged each other’s performance, their playing solidified by Michael Lowe’s hypnotic drumming. Everyone was swept up in their magic. Over the blues melodies and powerful vocals, Mathius’ lyrics of heartache have you reaching for your chest, yet they ignite a flame of power and strength from within. Their honesty is incredibly refreshing. Child have made themselves known amongst the local rock scene and for good reason, as they keep progressing. Teamed with the release of an upcoming EP and soon to embark on an international tour with local rock and roll A-Team Dead City Ruins, the future of this band looks bright. The world is waiting and it’s in for a treat.

Child // River Of Snakes // Spacejunk