DEAD, Captives, Horsehunter, Hobo Magic, BRUCE!, The Hunted Crows: Kick Arse New Releases!


Words Anthony Moore.

The first time I saw DEAD I was hooked. 2 piece, bass and drums, brutal, attitude, passion, persistence, so much style. These guys are like the soundtrack to the end of the world and hearing them makes me want to join Heaven’s Gate and down a litre of radiator coolant so it can come quicker. Live they are an even bigger untamed beast that blows other bands off the stage. Their punch is 10 fists wide. Get the point? These guys are fuckin good. A previously unreleased DEAD track has just been included on a new compilation, the Rock Is Hell 10th Anniversary 2 x 10″ set. And stay tuned for their new LP, Captains Of Industry, out soon!


Butterflies, Diamonds and Lightning may sound like it should be the new Prince album, but it’s not, it’s the latest EP from Tasmanian Forest Horror rockers, Captives. These guys are truly kick arse! Their energy reminds me of Glassjaw’s Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence album from 2000. Captives raw emotion and passion is second to none with their live sets uncompromising and explosive. OK, I’m running out of buzz words, but their 2013 self-titled EP ranked at #4 in the Desert Highways Top 10 releases of the year and this latest release is just as mighty!



Darkness haunts your every breath, doom pounds away at your flesh, Horsehunter lies under your bed and waits in prey. There may only be four tracks but this is 42 minutes of sticky, dirty, pounding, rhythmic, sludge that eats away at your soul. If Horsehunter was on Big Brother they’d kill the other contestants, kidnap Sonia Kruger and run off to a High On Fire gig. This is the release you want to move in with and have a sword fight whilst drunk and pissing in the neighbours garden. Awesome.



There are so many guitarists that think they’re Jimmy Page, bass players that think they’re Noel Redding, drummers that think they’re Ginger Baker, and singers that think they’re Phil Mogg from UFO… but there’s only a handful of bands that live this shit for real and were possibly born decades too late, but we love that they’re here now playing it from the heart and soul. Think of bands like Seedy Jeezus, Kadavar, Blues Pills and also throw into that mix, Hobo Magic. Hailing from Noosa, they’ve just released they’re debut EP and it’s already jumping out as one of the best for the year.



I have to admit I hate capital letters but years of schooling, editors and regretfully succumbing to the power of the man has drilled a bittersweet need to use them at times. One listen to BRUCE! however and I understood their power and necessity. It’s like when people overuse swear words, they lose their power and purpose but when one is well placed, it will blow your fuckin mind! BRUCE! have just released the sweetest 10″ featuring 4 tracks that could quite possibly allow me to sell my story to New Idea as the first male to fall pregnant from some of the sweetest and fuzziest music porn this side of Fu Manchu’s The Action is Go. Although, BRUCE! bring a hell of a lot more beer-swilling, glass smashing, hell-raising and hungover lost memories to the table than the Fu! Oh and Ben Brown did the artwork, so I may just end up having twins!



There’s been some very cool bands appearing out of nowhere for me lately and one of those that has really impressed me is Melbourne’s The Hunted Crows. They’ve just launched their debut self-titled EP, and I’m really digging it. I’m not sure what grabbed me by the neck straight up, maybe it was that their debut single Sniff You Out sounds like the bastard child of Tom Morello and Reignwolf or the simplicity of their two-piece sound yet at the same time it’s filled out with loads rockin groove, maybe just their name, I really like their name too.