TORCHE – Unreleased Track – FREE DOWNLOAD!


With only two weeks to go until Torche starts their Australian tour, what better way to get punters excited than with a free download of a previously unreleased track!

“This is a lost track we recorded for the “Songs for Singles” record in 2010. We weren’t completely saatisfied with how it turned out and planned on rewriting it one day. One of the riffs got used in “Letting Go” (Harmonicraft). It’s a tune I kinda forgot about until Andy Low (pack rat) sent us a copy asking if we’d be into having this on his new comp. Sure, why not? If it wasn’t for Mr Low, Rick and I wouldn’t have met, Torche might not have existed and who knows where we’d all be today? We decided to call the song “Andy Low” to make him uncomfortable / feel strange about his name as a song title AND because we love the hell out of him. “Andy Low” is for our boy Andy Low / Robodog / Robotic Empire Records. Enjoy!”


Life Is Noise Presents… Torche Australian Tour Facebook Event.