MOTÖRHEAD ‘Ace Of Spades’ 40TH Anniversary Edition.


Words El Jefe.

Motörhead. Loud. Dirty. Tough. But fair! Led by Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, a murderous bassist with gravel rash pipes, purebred rock and roll heart and the only constant member of the band. They had a forty-year career, and never once compromised their style or attitude.

Hearing the Motörhead classic Ace Of Spades as a teenager was a revelation. That sound! Powerhouse rockin’ metal with a hefty blues boogie spine holding the songs together. Headbangers loved ‘em; punks loved ‘em. Your neighbours hated ‘em but nothing could change the influence they had.

From beginning to end, Ace Of Spades is chock full of bruising tunes like the title track ‘Ace Of Spades’, and bookended by Lemmy’s anti-heroin ode, ‘The Hammer’, with its sledgehammer riffs, and caustic lyrics. The anthemic ‘(We Are) The Road Crew’ was Lemmy’s testament to the team who made the tours happen, and also heavy evidence as to why Lemmy was held in such high regard by all who dealt with him.

So, Ace Of Spades is about to turn forty. Still as potent and energised as the day I first heard it, and we’re all set to celebrate with a killer reissue package. Live tracks, unreleased tracks, a booklet and more!! Something for old fans and no doubt, a slew of new fans as well. And this is the difference between classic music and the throwaway past its’ use-by date mainstream garbage churned out by talentless hacks. Ace Of Spades and it’s brilliance may prove to be eternal!

Pre-order the Ace Of Spades Deluxe box set now HERE, includes full track listing and info.

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