ZENITH MOON ‘Gypsy’ SIngle Review.


Words El Jefe.

So here we have Zenith Moon, and their brand-spankin’ new single ‘Gypsy’. Zenith Moon is a Melbourne trio (who have a tendency to add the necessary members when the wind is blowing in the right direction!) with some heavy retro vibes coursing through their veins, and have been hitting the board since their inception in 2018.

While some pretty, lysergic juices are wrung from the guitars, and peppers the tune with chunky chords, the bassist lays down some Motown-driven melodic bass runs which gives front lady Kahli Rose a clear path to crank out her big, soulful rock’n’roll vocals that lift ‘Gypsy’ to the heights it deserves.

The song itself is a cool, dynamic affair, and definitely benefits from the layered vocals as it ebbs and flows. It has a rock’n’roll heart, but shot through with enough pop hooks to make it a fairly accessible track and worth a couple of close listens. (I liked it, and checked out an earlier tune as well, just to make sure this was no accident!). Blues Pills fans may wanna take note too.

Zenith Moon: Site // Facebook // Instagram // YouTube.