WINO ‘Isolation’ (Joy Division Cover) Single Review.


Words El Jefe.

So Wino is a man who really needs no introduction (but here’s a brief one anyway!) when you’re talkin’ heavy rnr. From St Vitus, The Obsessed through to Spirit Caravan and beyond, and his more recent folky acoustic material, he is someone who has always delivered the goods, and never compromised his vision. So a cover of ‘Isolation’ by Joy Division, who also happen to be an old fave band of mine, struck me as an interesting choice.

The way Wino has interpreted ‘Isolation’ is pretty cool. It’s easily recognisable, but has it’s own style to it too. The music is more pronounced on the Wino rendition, and he hits it with a frantic desperation and claustrophobic intensity, which give it a killer vibe. No synths colouring it either, but some rockin’ guitar “compensates”. Ian Curtis had a distinctive vocal style, often a stumbling block when it comes to cover versions (and diehard fans can be hard to win over; not that this it aimed at that market though), but Wino also has his own unique set of pipes, and combined with the general stance of his version I reckon he quietly sidesteps any comparisons, negative or otherwise. The end result is pretty cool, and yet another feather in Wino’s cap.

Isolation is taken from Wino’s full-length LP, Forever Gone, out June 26 through Ripple Music. Pre-order now HERE.