PBS 106.7FM Radio Festival 2020 Presenter Spotlight – Shock Treatment with Kev Lobotomi


PBS 106.7FM are currently promoting their PBS Radio Festival 2020: You Can’t Stop The MusicYou can join up or renew your annual PBS membership, or simply make a donation via the PBS website (until Sunday May 31), during the station’s biggest online and on air fundraiser of the year. Tune into 106.7FM to catch tales from PBS’ past, cherished memories, guest appearances and your favourite PBS presenters sharing their thoughts on the many, many benefits of being a PBS member including, of course, a treasure trove of prizes.

PBS Radio Festival 2020: You Can’t Stop The Music
Monday May 18 – Sunday May 31
#PBSRadioFestival #YouCantStopTheMusic

To join and for the full list of daily prizes or to head over to https://www.pbsfm.org.au/

We thought we’d do a couple of presenter spotlight’s during the festival, this second one is with Kev Lobotomi who does Shock Treatment on Wednesday’s from 8pm – 10pm. Desert Highways loves listening to this show! Kev is a great supporter of all music, but gives local music a massive push and the support it needs and deserves. We’ve been lucky to have music we’ve released through the label played on his show on numerous occasions.

The Radio Festival is vital to PBS to keep it functioning as we know and love it, to keep it moving forward and especially at this time, as they’re moving to a new premises very soon! If you’re a paid up member, well done! If you haven’t quite gotten there yet, please do so right now HERE!  For more links, please see below the Q&A.

Desert Highways: How did you first get into community radio, PBS in particular?

Kev Lobotomi: I was just listening to the radio in the early ’80s and decided I liked the music, particularly the punk and underground stuff. Went out and saw bands, met people involved with PBS and with my interest in music and buying records I suppose I was a candidate for doing a show on PBS. Phil MacDougall helped me get started, & before I knew it I was doing show and I have been since 1986.

DHWYS: How long have you had your show and what’s the drive behind it?

Kev: I’ve been doing my show about 34 years, the idea being to promote the music I love, especially local Aussie stuff in the heavier style!

DHWYS: What styles do you primarily focus on?

Kev: I love the heavier sides of music, especially punk and garage, I do wander a little bit into the metal side. I try to vary it a little.

DHWYS: What do you get out of doing your show?

Kev: I just love music! I love new stuff, doing my show enables me to stay in touch and in turn keep listeners in touch.

DHWYS: Why are shows like yours and PBS as a station important to the music community and Melbourne at large?

Kev: We play underrepresented stuff, shows like mine help plug the local scene and if it wasn’t for PBS there would be less outlets to be able to hear this music.

DHWYS: Why is it important for PBS listeners to sign up and become a member of the station?

Kev: PBS mainly relies on membership to keep going. Without the support of the public we would be nothing. We do have some sponsorship, but it isn’t our main source of money. Now with businesses in trouble it’s even more important to the public to help out and fund the station that plays the music that fuels the fire of Aussie talent!

DHWYS: We’re at a very strange place in time with COVID-19. What role to you see music and PBS has right now and is it different from the usual?

Kev: The last question answers some of these questions, but I will add that as announcers we can hopefully cheer people up with cool music and our inspiring words!

DHWYS: What do you think is going to be important with music / live music after restrictions are lifted?

Kev: We need to keep the faith, get out see the bands, and in the meantime buy their music if possible! Can’t wait to see a band and have a beer!

DHWYS: Have you started anything new, picking up any hobbies, interests while in isolation?

Kev: I’ve to sort out my record and CD collection, a daunting task! I’m a long way from finished!!!

DHWYS: How have you been coping with COVID-19 isolation?

Kev: Sometimes I have been a bit down, but put on a rip-roaring piece of music and I feel a lot better!

DHWYS: What is something your listeners wouldn’t know about you?

Kev: I’m right into birds, that’s my other big hobby. Some know this now, but I love getting out and photographing them.

DHWYS: What music are you listening to right now?

Kev: Mixed as usual, I like that cover of ‘The Forest’ by Behemoth, new Meanies song, new L7 and Joan Jett, always love Monster Magnet and Nashville Pussy!

DHWYS: What are some new releases / bands that are on your radar?

Kev: I think I answered that question with the last question. Always lots of good bands popping up in Australia, Clinch, Bastard North, Devours, Grindhouse!

DHWYS: Do you have anything special coming up on future shows?

Kev: Things are always surprising on my show! Nothing planned at the moment, but things always pop up out of nowhere!

DHWYS: Any words of wisdom you’d like to leave us with?

Kev: Become a member to PBS, support the station, do it online pbsfm.org.au.

Shock Treatment with Kev Lobotomi is on Wednesday night from 8pm to 10pm. Tune in at PBS 106.7FM or stream it live from their site www.pbsfm.org.au.

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PBS 106.7FM presenters Kev Lobotomi – Shock Treatment (left) and Chris Pearson (Pojama People (right).