RED MESA ‘The Path To The Deathless’ LP Review.


Words El Jefe.

I wasn’t familiar with Red Mesa prior to hearing The Path To The Deathless but as I’m always prowling for new music, checking out new arrivals, looking into the bands that slipped through the cracks the first time around etc, this was just another case of Bring It On!

So Red Mesa have been plugging away at their brand of stoner-doom for a few years and The Path To The Deathless is album #3, and brings with it several twists and turns, from the lumbering grind of ‘Ghost Bell’ to an almost Morricone-like vibe to ‘Death I Am’, and the Motorhead-in-low-gear sonic mayhem of ‘Desert Moon’, which has Dave Sherman (Spirit Caravan, Earthride etc) guesting on vocals.

Heavy rock’n’roll lifer Wino (The Obsessed, Probot, Spirit Caravan to name a few of his musical endeavours) also contributes to The Path To The Deathless with vocals and guitar on ‘Disharmonious Unlife’, the most salacious tune on TPTTD, and Wino’s distinctive tones, both guitar and vocals, slot in well.

Soundwise, The Path To The Deathless is thick and dirty, but the grit at times gets dialed back to allow the more ethereal and liquid tones to rise to the top. And how about some pedal steel and violin tossed into the pot, just for good measure? Yeah, that’ll work too. Overall, The Path To The Deathless is a cool album, and doesn’t just cruise in the one lane, but mixes things up from one tune to the next, just to keep things fresh.

Red Mesa The Path To The Deathless is available to pre-order HERE NOW. Out May 1.

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