DEVIL TO PAY ‘Forever, Never or Whenever’ Album Review.


Words El Jefe.

Devil To Pay are one of those bands who just keep on giving. There’s been a few over the years who just keep rolling out quality rock’n’roll, maybe not with clockwork repetition but frequently enough to keep on my radar. Bands like Throttlerod, The Glasspack, Fu Manchu who all burn with a fiery, passionate heart, and lay down gut-bucket rock that can transcend time itself it would seem. And Devil To Pay are about to unleash album #6, Forever, Never Or Whenever, the next in a long line dating back to 2003’s debut, Thirty Pieces Of Silver.

Meaty riffs, and rasping blues rock vocals, injected with a heavy dose of melody have long been a key selling point for me when it comes to Devil To pay, and this new release is no different.

‘Heave Ho’ takes the bull by the horns with some ball-out riffs, fuzztone guitar and long time members, drummer Chad Prifogle and bassist Matt Stokes providing an impressive bedrock for the guitars to play off.

Twin guitar harmonies are key to the style of ‘The Cautionary Tale Of Yen Sid’, a warning to those who dabble in the dark arts! Guitarist/vocalist Steve Janiak hits this one with a much cleaner tone to his vocals, and doubles up with some excellent melodies. Lotsa layered riffs, and tight as fuck as well, a definite trademark when it comes to this band.

‘Imminent Demise’ opens with a busy guitar line and the whole tune plays out nicely, replete with a funky breakdown and some cowbell for good measure. Funny thing, I used to hate cowbell, seemed cheesy. But as old age crawls up behind me, I’ve found a soft spot in my soul for it. Maybe it’s a premonition, preparing me for the Afterlife and warning me cowbell and accordion are gonna feature heavily in the Muzak that will be piped over the speakers in Hell….

‘Anti-Gravity Depravity’ is the most complex tune on FNOW, some awesome drumming, and gargantuan riffs only serve fatten the pot.

Once again, Devil To Pay have delivered some awesome rock’n’roll. Soundwise, the production team have down a killer job; the songs cut through and the fat tones are slathered over the LP like a good barbecue sauce on ribs and then washed down with a some cold beer. Sure, you need quality tunes, which are here in abundance but getting the mix right ain’t no easy task either. But I’m gonna give this a 10 outta 10 for sound as well as execution!

Devil To Pay’s Forver, Never or Whenever LP is OUT NOW through Ripple Music HERE!
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