ABU GHRAIB ‘Enhanced Torture Techniques’ EP Review.


Words El Jefe.

Melbourne’s Abu Ghraib are a crusty death metal (bassless) trio who pump out some of the fastest tracks in the known universe.

Dave (ex The Archaic Revival) supplies the guitar fireworks, and they also possess a T-1000 who drums for them when he’s not busy hunting John Conner.

‘Silent Beheading’ is 2 minutes of metal mayhem, tortured vocals and ripping drums. ‘Hot Box’ and ‘In Violent Glory’ hit ya with more of the same, with the vocals being akin to a Mack truck plowing through a nursing home.

‘Inhumanitarian’ (one of my fave song titles!) has a slow(er) start but quickly leads in to some blast beats and overdistorted guitar.

But it’s not all blood and guts with these dudes. Closing track ‘Psycopulation’ has some sweet melodies and lyrics about picking orchids in the summer with your soulmate under the soothing glow of a twin rainbow. I think….

Abu Ghraib definitely push the boundaries with the six tunes on Enhanced Torture Techniques, and if extreme death metal is your bag, give this a whirl. It’s a tonne of fun, and has the added bonus of being an excellent soundtrack for when you’re waterboarding ya grandma!

Abu Ghraib’s Enhanced Torture Techniques LP is OUT NOW!
Recorded at Goatsound Studios.
Produced by Jason Fuller and Abu Ghraib.

Abu Ghraib: Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram // Youtube.