Words El Jefe.

So one arvo in Dallas, these girls and guy sat down to kill some time and play some music, and wound up with a living breathing rock’n’roll band. Gotta love it when it just works! Sounding like the bastard spawn of Sabbath and the ‘head, with some hefty doses of down’n’dirty Motor City punk rock and roll. Temptress wasted no time in recording their self-titled debut. Released in June 2019, it’s a fun-loving approach to music with a solid set of tunes thrown in.

My fave of the three track, ‘Ride Of Your Life’ is a chunky riff-fest and the guys have kindly also produced a fitting filmclip to go with it, delving into B-movie Hammer Horror clip, lacking somewhat in T&A but replete with identical twins (Siamese woulda won the band a solid 10/10 from me but c’est la vie)!

‘Hot rails’ is some classic 80’s speed metal, and got some great drumming from the bands’ drummer Andi Cuba, meaty snare rolls and tight

The final track see the band hit a slower, doomy vibe, and ‘Heavy Woman’ is a slick and dirty tune with a cool, funky breakdown wedged in the middle.

Temptress are shaping to be a solid metal/rock’n’roll unit based on this release, and with all members contributing to the vocal, allow themselves some great space soundwise, so will be keeping an eye on them to see what else they can dish up.

Temptress Self-titled EP is available NOW.
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