MENTAL TREMORS Self-Titled Album Review.


Words Mark Ireland.

Brand new to the Melbourne music scene, Mental Tremors hit the ground running. They released their self-titled debut and within a couple of weeks they were signed to European DIY label Cursed Tongue. It’s easy to hear why they were signed to a label so quickly, as soon as the cat scratch riff of ‘Like A Broken Town’ kicks in, the listener is body slammed against the floor and spends the next five and half minutes trying to compose themselves and left wondering what the hell just happened.

‘Bastard Son’ slows the tempo down slightly; the drums penetrate deep and hard with an ongoing hypnotic groove.

Considering the band is only a duo it’s hard to fathom the racket they make, a wall of sound is built high above the listener and smashed down around their ears with an almighty force.

The vocals on ‘Patient Man’ have a deep haunting quality that will immediately throw you sideways then grab you by the throat until gasp for breath.

The interlude about half way through the album gives you a slight reprieve for about 90 seconds and just as you catch your breath, the album takes off again at full throttle. The hand break is off and nothing is holding the band back, deep sludgy riffs that you can’t escape; run and hide but the riff will always find you.

The album came out in March 2017 (and is currently available digitally through their Bandcamp page) but is getting a brand spanking new vinyl release on white and black, on the 7th of October, so if your salivating hunger can wait that long, grab it as soon as you can, take it home, light a candle and crank the shit out of your stereo and sit back and enjoy one of the finest stoner / psych releases of 2017.

Mental Tremors: Facebook // Bandcamp.