LUPUS LINDEMANN (KADAVAR) Interview + Australian Tour Dates.


Words El Jefe.

Kadavar have only been with us for a mere 6 years, but have achieved a shitload in that time. Three studio LP’s plus a live one all chock full of heavy-handed ‘70s riff-rock under their belts, countless tours as well as being stabled at Nuclear Blast, a label that needs no introduction. It’s an impressive resume, and proof that sometimes the gods are just in your corner. Not to imply that they haven’t worked hard.

I had a quiet chat with guitarist / vocalist Lupus Lindemann.

El Jefe: Hey Lupus, thanks for your time today. Could we start with a brief history of Kadavar?

Lupus Lindemann: Sure. We formed about 6 years ago when our drummer and I started jamming. We just wanted to play rock and roll and things went on from there. Nuclear Blast have been really good as well in helping us to get to where we want to be, and the thing we want to achieve. We’ve become really good friends with them too.

EJ: How does the songwriting happen?

Lupus: We’ve tried to jam things out and do it that way, but this doesn’t really work for us. It usually needs someone to have an idea or direction and we‘ll work things out from there; a riff or a melody, something for us to build on and work it out together.

EJ: How do you find inspiration for your lyrics?

Lupus: I write about 90% of the lyrics. I have to sing them so I like to be comfortable with what I’m singing. Tiger (drummer) occasionally brings in lyrics too, but they’re mostly mine.

I get my ideas from a lot of different places. Sometimes from books or movies. ‘Doomsday Machine’ was an idea I had watching Dr Stranglove. I’ll sometimes see people when I’m out and start to wonder about them and their lives, and will imagine stories around them too.

EJ: How about recording? How do you guys approach that?

Lupus: The first two were recorded in our drummer’s studio, which started as our rehearsal space and he gradually built it up into a recording studio. When we recorded (2015’s) Berlin, we decided to try something new. We found a studio here in Berlin that had a lot of equipment from the ‘50s and ‘60s which helped in getting the sounds we wanted. Also, having someone from outside the band brought in a few different influences which shaped the way the record turned out, which was different to what we initially intended. There are a lot of guitars on this record too, lots of layers.

EJ: Are you very particular about the gear you use? Amps, pedals and so forth. Any obscure fuzz boxes you like?

Lupus: Yeah, I use Hiwatt and old Marshall amps. Used to use a Vox, but it wasn’t really the sound I was looking for. On the new record, I also used smaller amps, like 10 watt amps so they could be cranked all the way up, I just really liked the sounds we got by doing this. I use Earthquaker Devices fuzz pedals, which have a sound that’s like it’s not from this world. Once I started using them, I found what I was really looking for from a pedal. And I also use a space echo and an octave pedal to get the psychedelic sounds. But I don’t like to use too many pedals, because I have to sing too, and they can sometimes get in the way a bit.

EJ: Ok, thanks for the chat Lupus. It’s been great and I’m looking forward to the catching you guys when you tour later this month.

Lupus: Thanks.

KADAVAR are touring Australia with Child (Melbourne) and Mt. Mountain (Perth), presented by Life Is Noise.
Brisbane – Crowbar – April 28 – also with Hobo Magic
Sydney – Manning Bar – April 29 – also with Aver.
Melbourne – The Corner – April 30 – also with Elbrus.

Kadavar are also appearing at Cherry Rock 2016 on May 1.

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