BLUES PILLS Self Titled Album Review.


Words El Jefe.

Blues Pills - Self Titled LPBlues Pills are a psyche-rock band based in Sweden, but they aren’t your regular garden variety stoner band. The rhythm section is tight as fuck, but with a fluidity to their groove that gives the perfect backing to showcase some incredible guitar playing. But for my money the element that sets them apart from most other bands, is the soulful, mind-blowing blues wail of front woman Elin Larsson. It’s the kind of voice that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

This self-titled release kicks off with High Class Woman. The bass and drums rip into a rhythmic throb, punctuated with some big, chunky chords from the guitar of Dorian Sorriaux and straight up, Elin lays her cards down and hits us right between the eyes with the awesome power of her voice.

Ain’t No Change and Jupiter both tap into the same big rock vein, powering out nicely.

Black Smoke eases into the groove, starting off slowly before giving the throttle a violent twist. This track has some of my favourite guitar on the album, with lots of lead lines thrown around to slice up the sound.

River and No Hope Left For Me take things down a few notches, both bluesy songs, which allow Elin to show us her cleaner tones.

With Devil Man, Blues Pills start to rock out again, and, along with High Class Woman are my personal faves from this collection.

Little Sun is the final song, a great catchy blues ballad that always hangs in my head after it has finished. This may be why they chose it as the closing number, just to leave us wanting more!

I flat out cannot find fault with this LP. Ten absolutely killer songs, all perfectly crafted and with enough light and dark to keep the listener on their toes. Foot to the floor riff-rock through to a couple of moodier tunes highlight the supreme versatility of these dudes, and leave no doubt about the musical potency they possess. Every member gets time to show off their chops, and all have an innate ability to fall back into line when it’s time to pull again. Fans of The Bellrays, or local outfit The Dirty Earth, two bands with equally phenomenal and powerful vocalists should dig the fuck out of this brilliant release.

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