BREWTALITY 2014. The Tote & The Bendigo Hotel’s. 02-08-2014. Part 2.


Words Alexandra Ferrier
Photos Matt Allan – Silk Imagery

It was that time of year when music lovers congregated yet again to share, support and spread their love of all things metal and rock, as well as dapple in the likes of chilli chocolate beer. Events such as Brewtality still frequent Melbourne, the city built on rock and roll. And the turn out and appreciation from punters for these kind of events will never fail to astound me. The mini metal festival, complete with a mental lineup, included the likes of local legends Bugdust, Dead City Ruins, Don Fernando and Frankenbok, as well as brothers from other mothers Lizzard Wizzard and Chainsaw Hookers. Running between The Bendigo Hotel and The Tote, the setting was perfect for a day and night of debauchery, for where else to have such an event than two bars equally notorious as the bands they housed.

There is something to be said about these events and the crowds they draw. Familiar faces seem to grace these venues constantly. There was an incredible sense of community. Having been completely sold out, it goes to show that, as a ‘community’, local music has a place in the hearts of many. And that support will be prevalent, between crowds and bands alike. Upon walking into The Tote to find a line of ticket holders nearly out the door, I felt an amazing sense of gratitude. And this also radiated within many others. From friendly faces at the bar sharing anecdotes, to mates excitedly running from one stage to the next, it is such a pleasure to witness music bring such joy and such happiness as well as unity. It is undeniable that rock and roll brings people from all walks of life together.