River Of Snakes ‘Black Noise’ Album Review


Words Jackyboy

“I was on the run from love’s cruel hand…”

As the opening song swells with a fuzzy Fender guitar progression and a rambling lead, River of Snakes debut album release ‘Black Noise’ starts strong. The choice of equipment and method of song-writing takes you back to indie Australia in the early ’90s; bleak and desperate. The vocals on the first number ‘Beauty’ are poetic and bold, mixed right up the front baring all.

The record chugs away solidly, vocal parts shared between Raul Sanchez on guitar and Elissa Rose on bass, a visceral dialogue. River of Snakes plays to their strengths with each member complimenting the other in style and technique brilliantly. River of Snakes © Zo GayWith obvious roots in garage, grunge and punk, ‘Black Noise’ delivers a sound not to be forgotten, with in-your-face dynamics and some surprises up it’s sleeve.

With this release, their fifth so far, River of Snakes are no flash in the pan. Current and past members are affiliated with other local stage wreckers Magic Dirt, Midnight Woolf, The Loveless, Matt Sonic and the High Times and Fangs, these guys have put together an album that reminds listeners of a style of old with a new spin, fresh and exciting.