PUNKTURED FEST: The Decline, Nerdlinger, The Revellers, House Arrest, them Sharks, 88 To Yesterday. Ya-Ya’s, Perth. 05-07-2014.


Words and photos Kim Anderson – Shoot The Wicked Witch

I feel like I should just start off with an apology for this review. There’s a reason I take photos, it means I don’t have to form sentences, let alone paragraphs describing a night where I had a camera in front of my face for half of it. But here goes nothing.

The night started off with pop-punkers 88 To Yesterday. Leigh had promoted the show saying if no one was there he would cry. I’m happy to report the room was looking pretty good, there were people waiting to come in before the doors had even opened, and no tears were shed. This was their first gig with new guitarist Alex and they played a tight set. Leigh is definitely the one to watch on stage though and I’m pretty sure he has a fetish because this is the second time I’ve seen them live now and he’s sexually assaulted the guitarist.

Next up was them Sharks. This is a band you dance too. This is also a band you take your shirts off too if the crowd (and band) were anything to go by. Mid-set we heard “Take your pants off. The pants are much more impressive” as Joel also took off his shirt. A few times during their set the microphone was high-jacked by members of Blindspot and the last song played saw local rocker Horsey get up on stage, take his shirt off to fit in with the band and sing along.

“Great now that you’ve turned him up can you turn him off?” Blindspot had invaded the stage and we heard a rendition of The Big Bang Theory theme song and they told really awful jokes while Steve finished setting up his seat. I may have very rudely tweeted for Steve to hurry up which got read out. Sorry Steve! There were more shirtless men singing and sloshing beer about, microphones were taken over and even pants came off. The words ‘homo erotic’ were used to describe the night so far.

Andy had finally been found and House Arrest took to the stage. To our disappointment this was the end of male nudity, there was just no convincing frontman Ben Elliott to join in on the action. Their ska-punk music was a hit with the entire room and Michelle was declared a ‘rockstar’ from behind me for her awesome trumpet playing and dancing along to the music. This is a band to watch out for!

Sadly the break in between bands took me across the road where I somehow ended up taking a photo of random women next to “Bumblebee” and I missed The Revellers in

The highlight of the night was Nerdlinger who were in Perth as part of their “Friends With Benefits” tour with The Revellers. This meant that for the past month I’ve been excitedly letting everybody on Facebook know that at some point that weekend I was going to get to hear Cookies. This was not that night. I will however write glorious things about them because the next night they did play it and dedicated it to me, possibly because I let them know I had a giant sulk about it the night before. They played tracks from their EP “Back to Winnipeg” as well as their new song, and clearly a favourite already amongst the fans, Church Of Punk Rock. They had grown men slow dancing together, if this doesn’t tell you the awesomeness that is Nerdlinger, nothing will.

Last was The Decline. Pat’s trademark locks were down as opposed to the top knot he had while playing bass for House Arrest and I came to the conclusion this was his “Decline hair”.

Overall this was an amazing night of local and interstate bands and there was a lot of bro-love in that room!