The Ramble Riders - Mexican Ride artThe Ramble Riders – Mexican Ride
Released: 19th January, 2014.
Label: Independent release.

Sometimes a CD just arrives at the right time. I pulled it out of the P.O. Box and opened the envelope while waiting in line inside the post office. The simple yet cool artwork drew me in and I put it straight into the CD player when I got back into the car.

The Ramble Riders have named themselves well. It’s a perfect soundtrack for riding along dusty dirt tracks in the desert on horseback, sun staring down on your back and just getting up to no good with your mates. That description may make it sound like stoner but it’s not, it’s bluesy with loads of good time southern rock. Think the swagger of the Black Crowes, a few parts of Led Zeppelin along the way; some of the solo’s even remind me of Billy Duffy from The Cult. Honestly, there is nothing really ground breaking on this EP but that’s fine, every release you hear doesn’t have to be the next big thing to make you want to own it. This release however, makes you want to play it every time you feel like doing shots of tequila and dancing on table tops.

There’s a lot of Axl Rose in the vocals but as long as there are no lycra bike shorts, it’s all good. There’s even some Guns ‘n’ Roses in the guitars at times too and it’s the guitars that grab me the most; syrupy one minute, fuzzy and warm the next and some pretty sweet sounding solo’s full of classic kick arse rock.

The Ramble Riders are:
Hugo Sousa – Vocals
Ricardo Marques – Guitar
Nuno Franqueira – Guitar / Vocals
Vasco Pereira – Bass / Vocals
João Melo – Drums

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