GrindhouseWe are very pleased to announce our second release on the Desert Highways label! It features Melbourne’s very own sexually misguided garage punk outlaws Grindhouse!

The CD will include ‘Dapto Dazzler’ and ‘Two Dollar Spoof Bin’. The release date and double single launch is Fri 14th Feb 2014 at The Old Bar (Fitzroy, Melbourne) with Don Fernando, Digger & The Pussycats and The UnAustralians. Check out the Facebook event for more details. These tracks are lifted from their up coming debut ‘Sleeping At The Peeps’ which is also to be released on the label.

Grindhouse have also joined the Desert Highways roster. Please check the ‘Contact’ page for our details if you’d like to book the band or for any promo including reviews and interviews.

Another massive announcement we’re also very psyched about is legendary US band, Mos Generator also joining the Desert Highways camp for Australian distro and promo. Check out the ‘Bands’ page for more info. These guys have been blowing minds since 2001 and have released seven albums, a bunch of 7″s and been on countless compilations. Singer / guitarist Tony Reed is also a well known producer with the latest Saint Vitus album Lillie: F-65 on his list of credits. Yes, we’re excited! Mos Generator items to hit the store soon.


THV-OldieThe Hidden Venture album launch tour has kicked off and next up is their home town of Melbourne at The Old Bar with Sexy / Heavy, Drifter and Citizen. Their debut, ‘Old Sins Cast Long Shadows’ becomes a favourite wherever it gets played. Check it out here. Please give us a shout if you’d like a copy to review. Head over to the Facebook event for more details on the launch.

More gigs to be announced as part of the tour as well.

Big shout out to Drifter for being a major part of the album launch tour and also to Santa Cruz who are co-presenting the tour with us!