Screamfeeder ‘Kitten Licks’ 8.5″ Deck – PRE-ORDER


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Width: 8.5″

Available for pre-order now!
Expected delivery May / June.

Screamfeeder x Desert Highways Exclusive Limited Edition ‘Kitten Licks‘ Skateboard Deck!

Desert Highways is very proud to announce this exclusive collaboration with legendary Brisbane band Screamfeeder!

‘Kitten Licks’ was originally released in 1996, the band’s fourth LP, recorded at Rocking Horse Studio outside Byron Bay with producer Paul McKercher. “Kitten Licks changed us forever. We wrote the songs in a new, fast and spontaneous way, throwing ideas around in the practice room together, where anyone was encouraged to step up to the mic and ‘sing any old shit’.”

The deck features full top and bottom graphics with art from the ‘Kitten Licks’ 2014 reissue updated by Glenno. The original release included a band photo by Sophie Howarth and art by Carl Breitkreuz. Measuring 8.5″ width and limited to 50!