Screamfeeder – Burn Out Your Name LP



Band: Screamfeeder
Release: Burn Out Your Name LP
Release Date: 2023
Label: Modern Morning

– Yellow or Red & Magenta Splatter Vinyl

The cult classic ‘Burn Out Your Name’ was originally released in May 1993 on Survival Records in the US by TAANG! in 1994, and in Australia by Poison City Records in 2014. Recorded by David Price at Megaphon in Sydney. Guest vocals by Evan Dando and Tom Morgan on Goat Cheese

Track listing

Side A:

1. Fingers + Toes
2. Wrote You Off
3. Sushi Bowl
4. I Won’t Be There
5. Hole Of Blood

Side B:

1. Goat Cheese (Backing Vocals – Evan Dando, Tom Morgan)
2. Button
3. Monster
4. Smoke From Tinsel
5. Around A Pole
6. Hold On


Red & Magenta Splatter Vinyl, Yellow Vinyl