John Frusciante – Niandra LaDes 2LP – Clear Vinyl


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Band: John Frusciante
Release: Niandra LaDes & Usually Just A T-Shirt 2LP
Release Date: 2018
Label: American Recordings

Release info:
– 2LP
– Clear Vinyl


A1 As Can Be
A2 My Smile Is A Rifle
A3 Head (Beach Arab)
A4 Big Takeover (Bad Brains cover)
A5 Curtains
A6 Running Away Into You

B1 Mascara
B2 Been Insane
B3 Skin Blues
B4 Your Pussy’s Glued To A Building On Fire
B5 Blood On My Neck From Success
B6 Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo

C1 Untitled #1
C2 Untitled #2
C3 Untitled #3
C4 Untitled #4
C5 Untitled #5
C6 Untitled #6
C7 Untitled #7
C8 Untitled #8

D1 Untitled #9
D2 Untitled #10
D3 Untitled #11
D4 Untitled #12
D5 Untitled #13