Anthony Moore // Head Honcho
Desert Highways
Melbourne, Australia.

Anthony Moore is unhealthily obsessed with music. It’s in his head 24 hours a day. It always has been ever since he became addicted to KISS in the 70’s as a young kid. Live music is his biggest high and he can more often than not be seen ignoring those around him while wide-eyed and mystified at a local gig. After being on radio for four years back in the ’90s and writing about music amongst other things since then, he is very stoked to have finally bitten the bullet and started Desert Highways officially back in 2012. Anthony is also the co-organiser of the annual music festival Brewtality held in Melbourne and Sydney. He is therefore finally a label owner, band manager, event coordinator, booker, pr consultant, freelance music journalist, psychologist, baby sitter and anything else needed within the music industry.

Kim AndersonKim Anderson // Photographer
Shoot The Wicked Witch
Perth, Australia.

Kim Anderson has two loves in life: shooting people and music. She doesn’t know how to function without a camera in her hand and can be seen most weekends stalking her favourite local acts taking photos. Between taking photos and being short this also gets her out of actually having to be social at these events because she can’t hear you anyway but should she feel the need to talk she will happily tell you her favourite war story featuring 28 Days and how she discovered she’s invincible. One day she will remember to buy ear plugs.

Kim also runs her own photography business where she mostly shoots zombies and shows her love for comic books by cutting them up and making awesome photo frames.

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Adam CooperAdam Cooper // Writer
Melbourne, Australia.

Adam Cooper is the vocalist for iconic Melbourne rockers Suiciety and art rockers Shinka. Adam started his journey in musical theatre of all places and with an eclectic mix of influences, made it all the way to the Big Day Out, Alternative Nation and Brewtality Festival to name a few. He’s had a food fight with Sacred Reich, he’s shared the stage with The Tea Party and Sepultura. He’s been lost in the snow, acted in TV series and a feature film, written two screenplays and a book… all to appease the demon that lurks within.

Suiciety // Shinka.

Emma CooperEmma Cooper // Writer
Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne makes it easy not to miss London too much. I work in publishing and, as you’d expect, am a bit of a word nerd. I used to work in music publishing which was pretty much the best thing ever, getting paid for my two favourite things: books AND music… but all good things must come to an end and Melbourne’s call of adventure was strong. I am what I consider to be healthily obsessed with gin and David Bowie.

Mikaelie A. EvansMikaelie A. Evans // Writer
Melbourne, Australia.

Mikaelie A. Evans is a (now) Melbourne based wayfarer, writer and bassist. She enjoys punk rock, taking selfies and making noise. Currently studying Professional Writing and Editing, Evans would one day like to start her own publication. She hates animal cruelty and writing bio’s about herself!

Mikaelie A. Evans – Facebook

El Jefe // Writer
Sydney, Australia.

El Jefe hails from Sydney, and is just another dirty rnr obsessive corrupted by his first taste of volume at the age of 12. From the Stooges and the ‘5 to Sabbath and Blue Cheer, Waits to Davis and a shitload more in between, and always on the prowl for another killer band to love. 80’s and 90’s Aussie rock is a long time fave as well. X, Bored, feedtime and to name a few. When not holding done a low-end nightmare with QUAKE MACHINE, he can usually be found indulging in the occasional Swans game mixed with healthy doses of Coopers and mind-warpingly hot food. Responding to a suggestion that Desert Highways was hunting contributors, and maybe he could use his powers for good instead of evil for a change, here he is, ready to preach the gospel to all those who will listen.

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Gram The Son Of Sam // Writer
Melbourne, Australia.

Gram is the sometime PBS announcer of Dirty Denim, the Doom and Occult radio show on PBS 106.7 FM. He was a self employed niteclub owner and booked bands for a living from the eighties to the early two thousands; well known for his club SUBCULTURE. He was also a well known Dj throughout Australia playing residencies for many years at nights like Goo and Clockwork Orange. He played some pretty legendary sets at Cherry, Ding Dong, Billboards, Chevron, The Palace, Metro and pretty much every venue in town over the years. Some of the highlights included spinning discs at the Stone Roses first tour amongst many notable nights that are clouded by enough alcohol to impress Lemmy. There isn’t much you can’t say about him that hasn’t been said already, good or bad! Gram will be belting out the occasional record and gig review for Desert Highways.


Ian Hawkins // Writer
Melbourne, Australia.

Ian Hawkins is a young muso from the surf coast, now based in Melbourne. Having formed the Underhanded in 2014, Ian has explored many avenues of the music industry, and is now putting pen to paper to spread the good riff bible. You will find him either on the stage, riffing out on a bass or standing directly in front of the stage, getting all the trouser flapping goodness.

The Underhanded

Mark IrelandMark Ireland // Writer
Melbourne, Australia.

Mark Ireland has been going to see live bands in Melbourne since he was able to breath, he lives and breathes rock’n’roll and everything in between. He has been writing about music for different publications for over 10 years, so to say he loves the Melbourne scene is an understatement.

Katherine McKenzieKatherine McKenzie // Writer
Perth, Australia.

Katherine has always loved music, but her passion for it really took off at age 12 when she began playing the drums and discovering bands such as Green Day, The Cure, The Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead. She continued drumming throughout her high school years, and further discovering and enjoying different bands and styles of music. Katherine also enjoys writing, leading her to complete a degree in Communications. She has gained experience in the media industry having spent time at X-Press Magazine, and currently as an assistant producer for RTR FM. Branching into music journalism further allows Katherine to combine her love of music and writing together.

Dave MullinsDave Mullins // Writer
Perth, Australia.

Playing bass, riding bikes and making typos; these are the things that define our resident punk. If you’re wondering whether or not Captain Kirk could beat Iron Man in a fight, or if Shane Black overuses hand-brake turns – Dave has an answer for you. And he will argue it to the death. Dave writes reviews and sometimes interviews people. He also sometimes tries to hide haiku in his work.

Daniel Oh // Photographer
Criminal Indifference
Melbourne, Australia.

As a hard workin’ Local Crew Roadie in Melbourne Town, Daniel O’Brien has bled on Metallica’s lighting rig, slipped onstage in Gwars vomit, made out with Eddie’s head, had KISS pyro grit rip open an eye and has actually built ‘The Wall’. He can generally be found precariously sitting above the crowd in the lighting rig of Rod Laver Arena, shining lights on the biggest international touring acts coming through town. When he’s not in an arena/stadium/festival – he’s up the front of a local gig near you with a camera in each hand and seemingly very little regard to his equipment or his own safety. Daniel is obsessed with Music. And Melbourne. And vinyl. He shoots Rock n’ Roll n’ Riots. (And other stuff too.)

Facebook // Criminal Indifference Blog

Joel ParnellJoel Parnell // Writer
Melbourne, Australia.

Joel Parnell is an Australian musician, songwriter, illustrator and writer who currently resides in Melbourne, VIC. Since learning to play the guitar at age 17, Joel has since gone on to found the cult punk/grunge band Inedia as well as stoner rock group Three Headed Fool and even carved a niche for himself as a solo performer. His illustrative work can be seen mostly on posters and merch for bands like Clowns, Dune Rats, Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays and Party Vibez and also works with American shoe company Converse. Music journalism is the latest pie in which Joel Parnell has managed to stick his artistic fingers and that’s why you’re reading this exaggerated and narcissistic blurb written rather shamelessly in the third person.

Adam Russ // Photographer
Right Eye Media Australia
Melbourne, Australia.

Adam possesses the power to be at several gigs at once never missing an opportunity to capture the essence of Melbourne’s live music scene. He is also known as Right Eye Media, a keen videographer and shoots both live footage and clips for bands as well as also being responsible for the filming and editing of HEAVY TV. If you see him, do not approach, he won’t hesitate to shoot you first.

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Justin TawilJustin Tawil // Writer
Melbourne, Australia.

Justin Tawil (or known in some circles as “Murry”) is a musician, writer and chiller from the burbs trying to chuck some gnarly words down about some dope bands. Playing in Summer Blood and previously in Diprosus, you know this guy has some impeccable taste, so I wouldn’t second guess anything you read of his here.


Sally Townsend // Photographer
Sally Townsend Photography
Melbourne, Australia.

I have been a life long lover of the riff since my dad introduced me to Hendrix as a small child, so when I picked up a camera it seemed like synchronicity to photograph the bands I love to see each week. Having been lucky enough to travel to Europe and attend and photograph some festivals in 2014 has definitely inspired me to keep going; it was a great experience and I hope to be able to make it a regular occurrence. Till then I will still be out shooting local shows, proudly representing Desert Highways, I love our scene in Melbourne and you’ll find me out most weekends for riff worship and some killer photos \m/

Sally Townsend Photography – Facebook