Desert Highways is a home for everything we do; music label, online store and band management / booking and promo.

The site will include more menu options soon including a gigs page for the bands on the Desert Highways roster. We will also slowly embed sound files for you to listen to on the band and store pages. This will be awesome to check out those you don’t know. There is definitely a lot more to come!

The label will be a slow build, but will get there as we have a lot of amazing releases in the pipeline. They will feature bands that blow us away first and foremost because if it isn’t going to get played and put in our own collection, why would we put them out!

This leads us to Desert Highways debut release!

HWYS001a HWYS001aaWe’re proud to announce HWYS-001 is a split 7″ that includes Perth, Australia blood rockers, Chainsaw Hookers, and from New Jersey, USA, Electric Frankenstein!

To top that off we’re very excited that the cover art for each band is done by two of Australia’s legendary rock artists, Ben Brown and Mr Frumpy respectively.

The release is limited to 250 worldwide and is pressed on white with red splatter vinyl.

We launched the release at The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, Melbourne on Fri 29th November and the line up included Chainsaw Hookers headlining with Muscle Car, The Kremlings and The Superguns.

You can order now here and they’ll be shipped out asap. We are still currently waiting on a few smaller items to be included in with the 7″.

This is a massive release and we’d like to thank everyone involved in getting this off the ground!

Check out our Soundcloud page to have a listen to the tracks on the 7″.
We will be building this up to include a song or two from bands in the online store.

Stay tuned for another massive announcement for HWYS-002 that includes two amazing international bands coming very soon !!

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