WHITE KNUCKLE FEVER ‘All I Wanted Was A Kebab’ EP Review.


Words El Jefe.

Ok, generally I think the whole 2-piece/duo thing is a bit over-rated. But music ain’t an exact science, so that opinion just gets tossed out the fuckin’ window! And there are some killer 2-piece bands out there. The Cold Stares for one, who do an excellent line in blues-rock. Sydney’s White Knuckle Fever are another one, and are a whole new kettle of monkeys regardless. If you’ve ever caught the live show, you’ll know, deep in your soul, exactly what I mean. The band is both entertaining and hilarious, and they back up the stage show with some mighty fine musical talent. What more could you ask for!

WKF are made up of guitarist/bassplayer Ross Johnston and Celia Curtis on vocals and harp. They play some fucked up, sleazy raunch and roll, with hefty doses of theatrics that any fan of The Cramps would lap up but Lux would be hard pressed to pull off himself.

The title tune ‘All I Wanted Was A Kebab’ is a hilarious tale of just how horribly wrong a drunken kebab purchase can go, whilst ‘Where The Shadow Lies’ is a foot to the floor rocker with an excellent bass riff.

‘My Pussy’ is a dirty swamp-blues burlesque dirge, drenched in slide guitar in a tale about a messianic vagina and with ‘Woodpeckers Lips’, we get some slow-burn blues.

Country hillbilly is the name of the game for the final two songs on All I Wanted Was A Kebab. Banjo and some mournful harp lead into the last song on this offering, ‘I Can’t Be Satisfied’, a tune that kinda reminds me of Tom Waits.

So All I Wanted Was A Kebab is a six-pack of pure troublemaking fun, and in a nutshell is bound to be a hit at your next party. And if you get the chance, you should catch the live show too. It’s a riot!

White Knuckle Fever’s All I Wanted Was A Kebab is OUT NOW HERE!

White Knuckle Fever: Facebook // Bandcamp.