ADVENT VARIC ‘Tumulus Part I: It Begins’ EP Review.


Words El Jefe.

Advent Varic, the Boston Massachusetts (via the planet Tumulus!) doom trio have loaded up the tape and laid down a hotbed of stonery doom with their EP Tumulus Pt I: It Begins.

Tumulus is almost proggy in its style, an epic 20 minutes in length, with multiple breakdowns and gentle atmospheric interludes scattered amongst the powerhouse riffs. Doug Graves (guitar/vox) has an ironclad larynx that reminds me at times of Japanese band Greenmachine in its “sheetmetal ripping” intensity, and also tears things up nicely on guitar. Phill Graves holds down a low-end nightmare bass attack, and coupled with the thundering drums of Rob Graves, they lay down a rock solid path for Doug to exorcise his aural demons. His guitar playing also fits well with this rhythm section.

Slated for release in 2039 (sorry guys, I’ll have left this planet well before the release, but that’s life!) this EP is sure to turn a few heads with Tumulus. Cool production and their own unique spin on the genre make it a great EP.

Advent Varic: Facebook // Bandcamp // Youtube.