ELECTRIC MARY ‘Mother’ Album Review.


Words El Jefe.

I first heard Electric Mary maybe ten or twelve years back when a mate tossed me a copy of one of the albums and stated he thought I’d dig ‘em. I did. Roaring guitars, blunt-force trauma bass and drums with an effortless swing, combined with Rusty’s gravelly rock’n’roll rasp vocals, there’s plenty to like too. With a dirty blues rock style that harks back to the glory years of Australian pub rock and some solid and high quality releases under their belt, EM have added to their mighty legacy with the latest LP, Mother.

High energy guitars and rock solid riffs have long been Electric Mary’s stock in trade. ‘Gimme Love’ is classic EM tunage in very way, and a great opener to boot!

‘Hold Onto What You Got’ is a true Road Warrior. Power, grunt and some excellent drumming too.

‘How Do You Do It’ hits a heavy groove early on and flat out does not let up and kinda reminds me of The Elephant Riders era Clutch.

‘Sorry Baby’ is a gentler tune, could probably be called a power ballad if you can get away from the cheesy power ballad connotations. It’s cool hearing some cleaner vocals from Rusty. Great solo too.

Some big opening chords kickstart ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’. This one is another hard-hitting rock and roller, and is driven forward by some killer riffs. As always, the vocals cap off the song, this time around soaring in on an upper-register wail. ‘It’s Alright’ slinks along with an insistent bass throb, and some shimmery guitars.

‘Long Long Day’ and ‘Woman’ wrap up the party. Ominous and brooding, ‘Long Long Day’ is another with cleaner vox, and it goes a long way to proving what a mighty vocalist Rusty is. Always been a sucker for a good wah-driven solo, and LLD handed me a great one! ‘Woman’ punches the exit door to close Mother. Short, but all business, this tune was my fave from this album, all grit and drive, which is just the way I dig it!

I always love hearing bands who consistently put out great records year in, year out. Electric Mary do just that, and don’t seem to be about to put it up on blocks any time soon either. Whilst Electric Mary play great pub-rock, it’s also worth mentioning that their songs have their own unique flavor too. Mother is just another great release for lovers of ballsy, dirty rock’n’roll, and should have legs enough to keep ya happy until the next one.

Electric Mary – Mother is OUT NOW through Listenable Records HERE.

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