BEASTWARS, Child, Holy Serpent, Honeybone. The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne. 03-11-2018.


Words Mark Ireland.
Photos Sally Townsend Photography.

The almighty Beastwars made their return to the stage after lead singer Matt Hyde fought cancer. The electric energy in the air was palpable, the crowd and the band were salivating. Honeybone, Holy Serpent and Child all played face melting sets, Holy Serpent especially tore the flesh slowly from all that witnessed. I hadn’t seen them in quite a while so it was great to be pulled into the vortex of sludge and doom once more. Their sound crawls under your skin like a flesh eating virus, first my fingernails started to shiver and then I could feel the bass riff in my teeth, at the end of the set I was vibrating.

As soon as Beastwars hit the stage you could feel an internal heaviness throughout the venue. As they ripped into the first song it was if the place cracked open and everyone was transported to a active volcano. With every riff it was like the band were spitting molten lava into the crowd. I closed my eyes for a song or two and just let the experience wash over me, all I could feel was my beating heart. I think if it had jumped out of my chest I doubt I would have noticed because I was under such a trance.

Matt Hyde stands high upon the volcano and whiplashes anyone who steps in front of the stage. You could tell it was a cathartic experience for the band from the energy they were expelling during their set.

I really had no idea if and when Beastwars were going to return, so witnessing tonight’s set it really warmed my heart to see they had lost none of their energy. If anything they’ve come back stronger and heavier.

When Beastwars return again the apocalypse will truly be upon us.