AUSTRALIAN TATTOO EXPO – PERTH. Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. 16-09-2018.


Words and photos Kim Anderson – Shoot The Wicked Witch.

Last weekend the Australian Tattoo Expo hit Perth and while I had every intention of checking out the activities over the weekend, unfortunately I ended up only going on Sunday. Shoulder injuries and camera bags don’t go so great together.

I got there in time for the Shittest Tattoo Competition which had an interesting array of tattoos including a fish that looked like it was done by a five year old and a “We didn’t come here to fuck spiders mate” tattoo, complete with a penis. I thought for sure that would be the winner but a very late entrant proved us all wrong with his polka dot g-string tattoo!

A few of the stalls we spoke to about how their weekend had gone ranged from great, to Friday being the worst day, to just shrugging their shoulders. I really don’t know if that meant it was a let down or by Day 3 they were just over it and wanted to go home. We grabbed ourselves some food and scored some seats down the front for the Fuel Girls. I got to see them two years ago and left with a massive girlcrush on one of them so I was pretty excited to see what the girls had to offer this time. It was mostly a let down. The first act looked seriously depressed and it just reminded me of the The Bloodhound Gang’s ‘A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Cryin’. The next act was a feisty catwoman with a large bowl of milk that went EVERYWHERE at the front of the stage and the third act came out looking a bit like that chick from The Fifth Element. Between the three there wasn’t much pyrotechnics.

Walking around the tattoo artists stands some weren’t doing tattoos that day, but it got me thinking how great it would be if tattoo artists had Afterpay. I definitely would have got one that day if it existed. So many great little astronaut tattoos! One lady let me know some artists over east do already use Afterpay which is awesome to hear, maybe it will catch on and more will use it. All up the day wasn’t too bad. There were a lot of talented artists in the room and I left there with an A3 print of Freddy Kreuger for my walls. Probably the weirdest part of the day was finding an ice cream truck amongst it all and somehow I managed to not go and buy fairy floss.

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