RATHEAD ‘Sick Of My Brain / Drinks’ 7″ Review.


Words El Jefe.

So I found in my hot little paws a copy of the new 7-inch by Rathead, Sick Of My Brain/Drinks. Gonna give it some bonus points ahead of the final siren for the true genius of having it pressed outta vinyl made from the last ever batch of Green Slime (though Slime With Worms woulda been cooler!). Great touch, guys!

Rathead are based in Shepparton, not too far from the NSW/Mexico border, and are comprised of Taylor Bain, who wields the guitar and handles the vocals and Sam McPherson on drums and backing vox.

Soundwise, they immediately brought to mind a tonne of mid-80’s post-Detroit style riffnroll. No-one I could really put my finger on, but the vibe was as familiar as ya fave boots.

A ripping snare-roll opens ‘Sick Of My Brain’, and ripples with an energy that sets your teeth on edge. The vocal melody is slightly off-kilter, and meshes perfectly with the buzzsaw guitar. A couple of rotations on my turntable proved the solid earworm content of this tune.

‘Drinks’ is more on the dirgy side of the coin, less melody, more gravel rash. A gritty, punchy riff drives the song,

This is a cool and fun release, and I even managed to overlook the lack of bassist in the lineup, largely due to the infectious, hi-energy attack Rathead have and the no holds barred ‘tude! Check ‘em out when you can.

Rathead: Site // Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram // Triple J Unearthed.