KING PARROT ‘Ugly Produce’ Album Review.


Words El Jefe.
Band photo Rod Hunt.

Melbourne grind core / yobcore legends King Parrot have unleashed their third LP, a character building behemoth called Ugly Produce. The moniker suits the album to a T! It’s a bruising and relentless collection of blast-beats from drummer Todd Hansen, searing guitars and guttural, tortured vocal mayhem.

‘Entrapment’ is used as the launchpad for the sonic time bomb that follows. The two jackhammers fucking rhythmic attack delivers a powerful impetus for the blaze of guitars and Matt Young’s crazed vocal “styling’s”.

Who but an Aussie band could write a tune called ‘Piss Wreck’. Spell check won’t even recognize it as English, but we all know someone who should embrace this song as a personal anthem. It’s a cool song too.

‘Disgrace Yourself’ offers up more of the same, this time with the vocals alternating between the sound of sheet metal shredding and sewerage pit growls. Backing itself up immediately with ‘All Hail The Grub’ (and yet another quintessentially Aussie song title!)

‘Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag’ is another head-butt of a track. Thrown in are a few changes to the feel, and some vaguely DK’s-ish guitar lines.

And amidst the chaos and never-ending fury of Ugly Produce, King Parrot manages to find it within themselves to write an eloquent and poetic song called ‘Scattered’. Ethereal as it is poignant and beautiful, with the lyrics rolling off the tongue like a graceful waterfall. Just fucking kidding. It’s just another nasty kick to the balls, with Beelzebub contributing some gravel-rash to the vocals for good measure!

‘Numbskull’ offers a brief reprieve from the drumming war of attrition. At least for the first few seconds during a neat patch of interplay between guitarists Mr White and Squiz. It a chugging, ugly affair with a great chorus.

‘Die Before You Die’ is a great sentiment, and brings to mind a few close “acquaintances”.

Cue the farm animals (no doubt these dudes lifted the samples from their fave animal porn flick!) for the intro to ‘Spookin’ The Animals’. The chopping vibe of this song makes for a neat ending to the brutality of the collection.

Cards firmly laid on the table and tongue also firmly lodged in cheek, King Parrot have produced the landmark recording only an Australian band could deliver. There’s barely any variation to the songs, but they deliver every track with the force of a surprise bazooka assault on a cold winter morning, and if grindcore is your bag, you’d probably dig Ugly Produce.

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Wed 13th December – Badlands – Perth
Thu 14th December – Uni Bar – Adelaide
Fri 15th December – 170 Russell – Melbourne
Sat 16th December – The Factory – Sydney
Sun 17th December – The Triffid – Brisbane