DR. COLOSSUS ‘The Dank’ Album Review.


Words Mark Ireland.

Local Melbourne riff lords Dr. Colossus have been bludgeoning crowds with their melodic fuzziness for a number of years now, the new album The Dank is full of hypnotic groove that will get the listener lost as soon as the needle hits the record.

The name Dr. Colossus is a reference to a Simpsons character and the album is filled throughout with others; from the track ‘Future Bart’ to the cover art (which has a picture of Moe’s Tavern), these references add so much fun to the songs that you can’t help but laugh.

The track ‘Dr Colossus’ digs in right under the nails, its riffs bore so deep into the ears that it feels like a parasite is eating away at your ear cavity.

The next track, ‘Excellent’ follows along the same trajectory, the ear worms dig deeper as the album progresses, slab after slab of concrete heaviness managed to give this reviewer whiplash, so much so that not even a steel neck brace could stop me from banging my head!

Standout track ‘Holy Driver’ brutalises the ears, and smacks the listener repeatedly in the face with the bass.

Melbourne has a solid heavy scene and Dr. Colossus can stand proudly at the top of the heap with this album, get amongst it and immerse your ears in the fuzz.

Dr. Colossus’ ‘The Dank’ LP is available to order now HERE

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