THE MEANIES, The Pink Tiles, Suss Cunts. The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne. 01-07-2017.


Words Mark Ireland.

During the ’90s Melbourne had a thriving all ages band scene, and the kings of that scene were The Meanies, they realised that punk rock was not just for adults but for everyone of all ages, everywhere they played there was total chaos, but not in the malicious sense, it was more unbridled energy kind of chaos.

Tonight’s gig was a celebration of 25 plus years of total madness and kinetic punk rock.

The support bands The Pink Tiles and Suss Cunts are two awesome examples of why Melbourne is the epicentre of rock.

The Pink Tiles 2017 release #1 Fan is one of the year’s best, they are like a live version of Josie and The Pussycats, The finished off the set with ‘Sammy’, a song so catchy that the ear worm refused to leave my head for weeks after first hearing it.

When The Meanies took to the stage it was like a force ten hurricane, it’s always impossible to not get caught up in the energy, dragging you in like a whirlpool you’d make as kid in a backyard pool.

‘Conan’ was a massive punch in the air that immediately had the crowd heaving, the push to the front was inevitable. Next they tore into ‘Dark Side Of My Mind’, which made me stop still in my tracks and have this immediate flashback to where I was when I first heard it, and to also think this was probably the last time I would ever hear this live.

One of the many highlights of the night was the Bad Brains cover ‘Pay To Cum’, which put a massive Cheshire grin on so many faces.

At one point Link said he should be feeling sad about the occasion, but then sad he wasn’t as he was moving to Spain to be with his wife, at what point does the music you made as a teenager that you continued to play for 25 years take a back seat? I wonder if it was a struggle to make this decision? The Meanies were always about the fun times and never taking themselves too seriously. I suppose the party has to end at one point, Link and the boys have always been super creative so I’m sure they will still continue to make awesome music in different guises.

The Meanies have made a career of wrecking shit and causing havoc, so the question lies are they ‘Sorry Bout The Violence’? Ha ha I highly doubt it! Cheers to the destruction and the chaotic times. It’s been one long mental ride.