THE WATCHERS ‘Sabbath Highway’ Album Review.


Words El Jefe.

They’re called The Watchers. Sabbath Highway is their debut EP. Not too hard to guess what they may sound like with a title like that. Or perhaps it’s just a hint at some influences. Never the less, this EP is an absolute fucking little beast! Hard, dirty biker rock, with some sublime playing and riffmongering. Awesome vocals too, and as is usually the case, can lift a great band (or even a mediocre band) to levels way higher than they could ever hope to achieve with a less than amazing singer.

‘Sabbath Highway’ is a rock solid blast of purebred rock and roll. Straight outta the gate, this fucker just won’t lie down and die. From the opening cockrock guitar blast through to the powerhouse rhythm section, this song has the lot for any discerning rock’n’roll fan. 

‘Requiem Intro’ is a minute or two of someone sitting down at an organ. Or sitting on the organ. In the scheme of things, it works well.

Of the four songs on this release, ‘Call The Priest’ is my least fave. It’s ok, but just doesn’t quite keep up with the rest of the pack. It’s ok, just didn’t turn my head.

Coming in at 3 minutes and 44 seconds, ‘Today’ is far and away the best track on Sabbath Highway, with its teeth grinding riff and soaring vocals. Layered and brilliantly structured, it tears away from itself.

The final tune, ‘Just A Needle’ takes a few twists and turns, has a neat solo and gently lays the listener to rest.

Billed as a “supergroup”, they seem to live up to the moniker. In truth, drummer Carter Kennedy and his previous band Orchid was the only name I knew from the litter, although that was enough for me to want to sniff this release out, and also including vocalist Tim Narducci and bassist Cornbread (SpiralArms, White Witch Canyon), and guitarist Jeremy Von Eppic (BlackGates, The Venting Machine). No shortage of talent, and the songs are cool, well written and fun. The overall sound has a distinct “commercial” vibe, but fuck it, it’s a good record regardless. Check the fuckers out!

The Watchers Sabbath Highway is OUT NOW through Ripple Music. BUY HERE.

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