MT. MOUNTAIN ‘Cosmos Terros’ Album Review.


Words El Jefe.

They were raised in a lost city called Perth that can be found somewhere on the edge of time. And with them they brought Cosmos Terros, an LP that may have been hewn from stone. The band is spacerock quintet Mt Mountain and they have truly delivered an epic LP with Cosmos Terros. Droning, sitar-like guitars, single note organ lines, and a slow but insistent rhythmic throb paint the songs in unknowable hues. This is a slowly told collection of mind-warping tales etched in ancient characters on the undercarriage of a prehistoric UFO so they could be carried across all the universes and into eternity.

‘Seek The Sun’ and ‘Pass On’ bookend a record that is a seamless journey through
gargantuan and dreamlike riffs that ebb and flow like a tide. And they easily spill from one song to the next. ‘Diablo’ has some gently leached slide guitar that hauls it home to the inevitable conclusion.

The guitars lash out with some heavily surreal echo and wah on ‘Elevation’, probably the most riffed-out tune amongst this set. But the dreamlike mood remains the same throughout the record.

So what we have in our hands is a slithering lysergic beauty, drenched with a haunting, liquefying echo that would be at home deep in canyon on an alien world. From the ethereal vocals of frontman Steve Bailey, the web-like guitars that entangle us to the iondrive pairing of Brendan Shanley on bass and Thomas Cahill on drums respectively, there is a completeness to Cosmos Terros. It’s heavy and unforgiving in its nature, but certain to become a classic amongst fans of droning spacerock.

So perhaps, The Meadow.

Is Dead?

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