THE ARCHAIC REVIVAL ‘Rock n Roll Holocaust’ Album Review.


Words El Jefe.

Sydney’s stoner-metal rock and roll freaks The Archaic Revival have finally paid off their debt to Satan. And so Satan has now handed over the master copy of Rock n Roll Holocaust, the debut LP by the trio. If you’ve ever caught the live show, you’ll have a fairly good fucking idea of the Pandora’s (music) Box you’re about to open. And the good news is the band has a lot to say musically, but never repeat themselves.

While there’s no doubting the genre of Rock n Roll Holocaust, there are plenty of nods to everything from rockabilly to ‘70s funk that flavor the tunes and lead the band away from being easily typecast. That said, this record is totally balls-out rock!

‘Black Hole City’ and ‘Drug House’ lay some sturdy foundations. Lucky for us too, ‘cos you’re gonna need something to hang onto for the rest of this trip!

‘Born In A Lion’s Skull’ with its funked up rhythm is a standout, as is ‘Hologram Induction’ which rips through ya head with a quasi-psychobilly drumbeat and a fistful of hooks.

‘Black Massacre’ trudges a very doomy path.

The epic title track, ‘Rock n Roll Holocaust’ wraps things up nicely, all grooves and slick riffs. Cool breakdown before the climax, with some awesome vocals from Ms  Madden too.

Being a three piece always requires the individual band members to go over and above the call of duty, and these dudes are no exception. From the thunderous bass of Jimmy K, the both fluid and precise metal nightmare guitar of Davo X and Pete H’s drumming and perfectly vibed-out pipes, The Archaic Revival run riot throughout the entire record. And having the good luck to have Michelle Madden aiding and abetting the band with some rockin’ backing vocals throughout the record is more than just some icing on the cake. Excellent songs, great hooks and killer playing. Could you ask for any more than this?

Rock and Roll Holocaust is being launched Fri 24 Sept at The Hideaway Bar, Enmore, Sydney with Bastardizer, Kvlts of Vice and Black Rheno.

The Archaic Revival: Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram // Rock n Roll Holocaust Facebook Event.