A BASKET OF MAMMOTHS ‘Unkept and Matted’ LP Review.


Words Mikaelie A. Evans.

A couple of counts in on the high hat quickly fasten to set the pace for the first full length album from Melbourne psych rockers, A Basket of Mammoths. Their eight track album, titled Unkept And Matted, comprises a variety of musical genres and influences, opening with ‘Sinner’s Abyss’.

Lachlan Mill’s heavy bass riffs catch up to groove atop Alex Minicz’s rhythmic drum patterns, convoluting the rhythm section with Sam Krieger’s distorted guitar; sounding like a game of snakes and ladders might, the three piece groove through the opening song into ‘Wait, I’ll Find Somehow’. A bass heavy anthem from the album, Mill’s prominent riffs formulate lengthy interludes between the vocally dominated chorus’. Krieger leads the lyrical content with backing vocals to strengthen each word.

‘Chilli’ brings in another variety of musical influencing, creating a unique song within the album. The vocal parts seem more varied between the three piece, making it harder to pin point who’s howling what between subtle harmonies.

A mesmerising intro gently paves the path that leads listeners into A Basket of Mammoths’ track, ’Temple’; an exclusively instrumental number on the album, it’s a gentle diversity within the eight track that casually flows into ‘Scattered’. A hazy introduction transfixes into a gentle groove. The lyrical content soon whispers a story of seemingly detrimental characters, reinforcing scattered tales through the chorus’.

Delicately plucking into the tracks opening, a subtle jazz influence grooves into the mix; and through the initial captivation of the introduction, ‘Lonely Days And Lonely Nights’ resonates towards the end of the album.

Leaving (one of) the best ’til last, ‘Unkept And Matted’ charges directly into hard hitting, pounding psychedelic energies, contorting listeners within this track. As the guitars endeavour to add more riffs and elements than you’d assume the average pedal allowed – A Basket Of Mammoths incorporate such a broad range of musical talents to lead towards the albums closing track, ‘Like A Bird’.

Showcasing the three pieces’ many abilities, ‘Like A Bird’ takes the album to great heights within the sometimes humble and gentle, sometimes heavy and fiery, ten minutes. It’s a killer closing that’ll probably leave you too with ringing ears.

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