LOS HOMBRES DEL DIABLO – ‘Preacher Of Darkness’ Album review.


Words El Jefe.

Preacher Of Darkness is the second release from Sydney’s stoner doom quintet, Los Hombres Del Diablo. The album features their then ‘new’ vocalist Luke Enright stepping in to take over from Michele Madden. Enright has since left LHDD with Sean Bowden taking over vocal duties. This is a different beast altogether to the original line-up with Madden (see a live review of the original lineup HERE). This incarnation is more straight-up stoner doom with less of the anarchic stoner rock’n’roll vibe Ms Madden brought to the table. It’s a heavy duty slab nonetheless, and seriously worth a listen IMO. If you like heavy that is; if you don’t then why the fuck are you reading this?!?! Cool songs, fat doses of raunch brought on by the fuzzed out guitars, and a slithery rhythm section driving everything forward.

A brief Morricone-esque intro leads into the doom-laden ‘Arana’, which gradually picks up a decent head of steam as it progresses. Hot on it’s heels comes ‘Bushranger’, a neat rock’n’roll song with a slight nod to Thin Lizzy.

The instrumental track ‘Jean’ particularly caught my ear. An off-kilter, strangely melodic tune, that has some really cool almost jazz rhythmic flourishes and is also my fave song on this record.

‘King Neptune’ and the title track ‘Preacher of Darkness’ sees LHDD return to the ballsy doom vibe with ‘Preacher Of Darkness’ being a standout.

The twin guitar assault is put to good use, lots of intertwined riffs fattening the sound up, and backed by an equally creative engineroom. It’s a pretty decent contribution to the Sydney (and Australian heavy music scene) and I’d recommend any fans of heavy / stoner / doom rock’n’roll give it a listen.

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