THE REPROBETTES… Go Bananas! EP Review.


Words El Jefe.

They’re at it again. Straight outta Melbourne via Venice Beach, the ‘60s styled girl group The Reprobettes have hit the studio and delivered us another cool shot of ‘60s pop classics. Tremolo’s and surf beats at the ready, these fucken JD recidivists toss out a bunch of funky tunes dealing with revenge, bestiality, milkshakes and the like. And it all sounds pretty righteous to me!

‘Shabani’ kicks off the beach party, all singalong choruses, beehives and…. bananas as vocalist Sally spins an ode to her latest love interest. And this is just the start of the fun and games.

A solid surf beat from Carol leads us into ‘Richter Scale’. Lotsa neat harmonies and twangy guitars on this infectious little number.

‘I Want Him’ is awash in some ultra sexy vocals that slyly disguise this evil tale of lust gone wrong, and also has some near terminal levels of stinging feedback thrown in, just for shits and giggles. That’s hoodlums for ya!

‘Dead Meat’ comes fully equipped with some tequila induced yelps and howls.

The closer, ‘See If I Care’ hands out a tonne of nasty fuzztone guitar and an even nastier fuzzed-out solo.

The Reprobettes aren’t out to break new ground but rather indulge in a healthy obsession with all things ‘60s / garage rock. Nothing to complain about there! They’re a lot of fun, and effortlessly turn out cool’n’catchy tunes. If the Shangri-La’s or The Crystals are your kinda r’n’r, I’d bet you’d love these guys too.

The Reprobettes: Site // Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud.