NIKLAS ‘DANGO’ KÄLLGREN (TRUCKFIGHTERS) Interview + Australian Tour Dates


Interview El Jefe.

For the last 15 years or so, Sweden’s Truckfighters have been releasing some of the slickest fuzzrock known to man. Which includes several great LP’s, and a few EP’s and split releases, all which have been well received. Add the furious live show, and you’ve got the perfect storm. I recently had the chance to speak to guitarist ‘Dango‘, and hit him up with a few questions.

El Jefe: Sweden has a long history when it comes to producing great rock’n’roll. What’s your theory behind this?

Dango : Well, our culture actually makes it very easy for people to learn an instrument if they want to, and is mostly encouraged by parents when you are young. There are lots of music schools as well. Also, we have very cold winters, and people tend to stay in, so bands get a lot of time to work at what they do. But also, a lot of bands tend to work more in isolation; there isn’t a huge scene where everyone helps each other out.

El Jefe: How does the Truckfighters creative process work?

Dango : We mostly start with a basic idea and jam on it and let things develop that way.

El Jefe: What’s in the pipeline for the band record-wise, and have you ever wanted to try working with a name producer rather than doing it yourself?

Dango: We should have the next LP out in September. After the current tour, we plan on beginning to work on it. As far as using any well-known producers, we have tried it, but never been very happy with the results. Keeping it internal seems to work best for us

El Jefe: Is the live scene in Sweden / Europe very healthy right now?

Dango: Hard / heavy rock is very difficult to grow right now, but stoner has become much bigger.

El Jefe: What are your views on digital music as far as iTunes / Bandcamp goes? Personally, I think it’s a good thing for serious music nuts, but a bad thing for mainstream / MTV crap, as it’s made (their) music a “throwaway commodity”.

Dango: Yeah, I think it’s good for the underground, as fans can find the releases so much more easily, and the music is easier to spread. It’s also easier when touring because people can learn more about the bands being promoted.

El Jefe: On record, your music can be quite elongated, though still heavy and rock’n’roll, but the first time I saw you live the show blew me away, so much energy, and comes across as a much more straight up rock band (compared to the records).

Dango: Live is what it’s all about, if the band aren’t having a blast, I wouldn’t expect people watching to dig it. And live is what we do.

El Jefe: Just a couple more, and I’ll let you get back to jamming. A technical question-Fuzzface or Big Muff, and fave Aussie beer?

Dango: Big Muff. That’s what you hear on our albums. And Coopers!

El Jefe: Thanks for your time. Enjoy the rest of your jam.

Truckfighters: Site // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Youtube.

Truckfighters Australian Tour Dates:

Wednesday 6th January BRISBANE Crowbar
with Hobo Magic + Lizzard Wizzard.

Thursday 7th January SYDNEY Factory Floor
with Witch Fight + Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene.

Friday 8th January CANBERRA The Basement
with Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, Witch Fight, Hence The Testbed.

Saturday 9th January MELBOURNE Cherry Bar *Matinee Show*
with Devil Electric + Low Fly Incline.

Saturday 9th January MELBOURNE Prince Bandroom
with Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene + Witch Fight.

Sunday 10th January ADELAIDE Enigma Bar
with Holy Serpent + Mammoth.

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