CHRON GOBLIN ‘Backwater’ Album review.


Words El Jefe.

Chron Goblin are a fun-loving bunch of Canadian riff-mongers who have spent the last 6 years deafening the hordes of Canada, North America and the UK. And there’s a lot to like about them too. Finding their third LP, Backwater in my in-tray was almost like a gift from the Gods (of rock’n’roll). It was already high on my “must purchase soon” list, and I was getting ready to pull the trigger.

The first couple of tunes are the heavy hitting ‘Fuller’ and ‘Seattle’ and bring to mind the high-energy r’n’r of bands like The Shrine or ASG. Meaty and punchy, lots of raw power, melody and a fine strut to ‘em. But don’t write them off as a one trick pony just yet, ‘cause as soon as you start to think the ‘Goblin have dug in for some deep and meaningful riff-driven pummelling, they wrench the wheel to the side and mentally sideswipe us with ‘Backwater’.

The bruising title track kicks off with a low’n’slow bass grind, and winds itself up through several phases, each raunchier and more furious than the last. They lead into the final couple of movements first with a filthy bass roar that would have Lemmy reaching for his earplugs and chase it with some more of their impressive guitar fireworks. It’s an epic tune, and far and away my favourite from this set.

Time to give that wheel yet another yank, and maybe slam on the brakes, just for shits and giggles. Following ‘Backwater’ with the haunting ‘The Wailing Sound’ is nothing short of genius. The contrast between to two songs is enhanced and gives ‘The Wailing Sound’ a much more profound impact. Throw into the mix the sexy vocals of Andrea Vidal, on loan from Holy Grove, and the result is a beautifully greasy tune that conjures the spirit of Planet Caravan.

‘End Time’ and ‘Hard Living’ sees a return to the r’n’r arena. Frantic guitar riffs and semi-screamed vocals. An excellent bass tone, too. And if you throw in the fact that Chron Goblin certainly know how to write great songs, there’s no doubting that this is destined to be a classic. Backwater is one of the better LP’s I’ve had the pleasure of listening to recently, and has even been competing strongly for “airtime” with the new Clutch album. And from me, that’s high praise indeed.

Chron Goblin’s Backwater is out Nov 13 worldwide through Ripple Music HERE.

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