CLOWNS ‘Running Through These Veins’ Tour with Chainsaw Hookers, Scalphunter, Summer Blood. Four5Nine Bar, Perth. 04-07-2015.


Words Dave Mullins.
Photos Kim Anderson – Shoot The Wicked Witch.

Melbourne band, Clowns, have quickly started making a name for themselves as one of the hardest working bands in the country. Already closing in on around 60 shows for the year including shows on a few different continents, it seems insane to cram them into the smallest venue in Perth – especially considering any of the ‘support’ acts could probably sell out the same room in their own right. And sell out it did, fast.

Joining them on tour, was Melbourne grunge-rockers, Summer Blood, who opened up the night. Their sound is a sort of throwback to the ‘90s, but with a hint of the Smiths, a little mellow when compared to the rest of the line-up, but they performed admirably. After all, they had their work cut out for them.

Scalphunter took to the stage next to deliver, yet another high-octane set. The wild and furious music drawing fans straight to the front of the room where vocalist Steven Knoth was busy proving himself as one of most talented performers in the country.

Burning through a number of their crowd favourite tunes, There will be Change and Keepers of the Night, their set was infectious, fans jumping and singing along as the band went all-out. Both Knoth and guitarist Alex Cotton spent some time in the crowd, Cotton going as far as to sneak behind the bar and pour a beer without ever missing a note. These boys are crazy and bring everything they can to their show.

But it wasn’t time for the 6 string slayer to call it a night, Cotton was once again performing guitar duties with the kings of blood rock, Chainsaw Hookers. The crowd had dwindled a little between bands, but as soon as the Hookers took the stage the room filled up faster than Alec Baldwin’s voicemail in the midst of a drinking binge, which is to say it filled up fast.

Kicking things off with their killer single Make Them Die Slowly, which has an awesome video that you should check out after reading this, they gave the crowd another memorable performance. The crowd was starting to get pretty rowdy by this point, but it was only on par with the band themselves. Vocalist Andrew Rowcroft engaging the crowd and joking around between each furious blast of punk rock. Before their set was through they’d smashed out a bunch of favourites including Black Christmas and Party Man, priming the crowd for what would follow.

And if it was any band other than Clowns, I might feel sorry for them, but these guys could follow anyone. They launched into their first song and within moments the crowd erupted into chaos, the front of the room becoming a bonafide mosh pit. But it wasn’t just the crowd, impressively, vocalist Steve Williams manages to sing while crowd surfing through the audience, he doesn’t seem to miss a note. It’s pretty damn spectacular.

The room only got more crazy towards the end of their set, and a few punters started getting a little violent, which is a clear violation of the Dos and Don’ts of Clowns shows, but all in all it was pretty good. They smashed out their single Euthanise Me before finishing off with their last song in a celebration of chaos and love of all things punk rock. Clowns are one of the hottest bands in the country right now and if you’re not checking them out you’re missing out on something incredible.

Scalphunter – There Will Be Change:

Chainsaw Hookers – Make them die slowly:

Clowns – Euthanise Me: